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The so-called ‘nation’ of ‘Manchukuo’ existed for only 13 years in today’s northeastern part of China. About 270,000 people crossed the sea from Japan as agrarian emigrants to Manchuria (Mammo-kaitaku-dan) filled with hope. “You can get 20 ha’s of land” “Manchuria is a lifeline of Japan”Such propaganda spread among people. On August 9, 1945, however, the army of the Soviet Union attacked China. People ran for their lives, leaving their settlements. Even after the war, many of them starved or were frozen to death at refugee camps, never to see their hometown. So what do we know about mammo-kaitaku, the policy that caused so much suffering both in China and in Japan?

We established this museum in order to pass the history on to the next generation. We would like together with you to :

learn why Japan could not avoid going into the hopeless war

listen to the experiences of emigrants 

think about how we may achieve a peaceful society. 


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